3 Keys To Buying The Perfect Used Freightliner Rig For Truckers

Posted on: 28 November 2018

If you plan on becoming a full-time trucker, it's paramount to get the right freightliner rig. After all, you'll be in it day in and day out transporting various goods across state lines. If you plan on purchasing one of these rigs used, these tips are great to consider. 

Find Out the Rig's Worth 

Even though you're buying used, these rigs can still cost quite a bit of money. So that you're not left paying more than you should, it's important to find out how much the rig you're interested in buying actually is.

To do this, you'll need to gather the rig's make, model, and year details. You can then enter this information online and get price estimates within minutes. Look at several so that you have a general price baseline to start with. It helps to bring these pricing figures with you as well because you can show them to sellers and strengthen your negotiating power.

Examine the Truck's Maintenance History 

When you purchase a used rig, you want it to go for as long as possible without experiencing any major issues. This will require you to look into the used freightliner's maintenance history. You should be able to easily access these records from the seller.

Look through them to see how consistent the freightliner was serviced. If these service logs are regular, you know the truck was maintained properly over the years. You also want to make sure these reports show no signs of significant damage, such as engine failure or transmission swaps.

Go For a Spin 

Probably the best way to assess various used freightliner rigs is to take them out for test-drives. You can then get a feel for how they perform in real-life situations that you'll face when you start trucking for a company.

During each test-drive, feel how the rig performs when it brakes, accelerates, and turns. Every maneuver you make should inspire confidence, even though you're in a rather large vehicle. All of the interior features should work perfectly as well. Also assess the comfort of the rig. The seats need to support your body completely so that you can remain comfortable on long drives.

Life as a trucker can expose you to so many great sights that you normally couldn't see in another profession. As long as you assess the right details when searching for a used rig, you can set yourself up for a successful trucking career. Contact a dealer, like Arrow Truck Sales, for more help.