8 Gift Ideas For The Gear Head On Your List

Posted on: 16 December 2018

When you have a gear head, mechanic, or car lover on your gift list, buying a present can be hard, if not downright impossible. If you don't know a lug nut from a Yankee screwdriver — or even care to know — you are in luck. The list below contains great gift ideas without the need to buy any actual tools. 

1. Tool Box: Tool boxes are like cute shoes. You can never have too many. They are great for separating types of tools or for loading in what you need on the go.

2. Hydraulic Jack: While every car and truck comes with a jack when you buy the vehicle, it is not the highest quality option. A nice set of hydraulic jacks is an affordable upgrade that anyone who likes to tinker will appreciate. 

3. Custom Tarp: If you car lover doesn't have a cap over the bed of his or her truck, a custom rolling tarp system would be a welcome gift. Not only do they keep everything dry, but they look great. Be sure to allow plenty of time for ordering, as these are often custom made. 

4. Rolling Tool Cart: While a rolling tool cart is quite an investment, anyone with more than a few tools wants one. This is truly the case of the bigger, the better. Just realize that you won't see this person for days after you give the gift because they will be organizing and re-organizing every tool and gadget they own to determine the best setup for their new rolling tool cart. 

5. Car Care Kit: Another great gift idea is to create a car care gift basket. Use a bucket in lieu of the basket, and fill it with a nice chamois, a sponge, and a bottle or two of special cleaning products. You can also add a microfiber cloth for drying off the car. 

6. Multitool: If you want a classic, go-to gift that is generic enough for everyone but still super cool, then buy a multitool. Today's multitools come crammed with so many tools and trinkets that you can't even tell how everything fits in there. Americans have loved this pocket-sized, engineering marvel for well over 150 years. There is even a multi from the 1880s in the Smithsonian's collection with over 100 gadgets in it.

7. Bottle Opener: A heavy-duty, wall mount bottle opener makes for a nice token gift or stocking stuffer. Grab one that represents their favorite beer, soda pop, car brand, or even NASCAR driver. 

8. Coffee Table Book: If you know what your car lover's favorite automobile is — and, really, you just have to ask — then an oversized 'coffee table' book on that brand or model makes for a beautiful gift to both read and to display. 

Getting a great gift for a gear head doesn't have to be hard; you just have to think outside of the (tool)box.