Three Benefits Of Rotating Your Tires

Posted on: 22 December 2018

Your car's tires are extremely durable, as they have to be due to the large amounts of friction that they experience every time that you use your vehicle. However, this does not mean that they are invincible. In order to keep your tires in good condition for as long as possible, you need to make sure that you take the right steps to maintain them. Rotating your tires, or literally switching the front and back pairs of tires, is an important maintenance task that you should complete regularly. Knowing some of the benefits of rotating your tires can help you understand why you should make it a part of your vehicle's maintenance schedule.

Even Tread Wear

The most important reason to rotate your tires is because the front and back tires wear down unevenly. This is because the front tires turn back and forth, whereas the back tires do not. As such, the front tires will wear their treads away at a greater rate. By switching the front and back tires, you can make this rate of wear even and reduce the risk that two of your tires will wear themselves out before the other two do. In doing so, this extends the overall lifespan of your tires, and saves you money since you won't have to have your tires replaced as often.

Improved Handling

Another reason to regularly rotate your tires is because uneven wear can negatively affect the performance of your entire vehicle. Tires that have not been rotated regularly and that have different wear patterns can cause vibrations throughout your vehicle, and can also reduce how well your car is actually in contact with the road, reducing the handling and responsiveness of your vehicle, a serious safety concern that can make a collision more likely.

 Improved Fuel Efficiency

Finally, one last reason to ensure that your tires are rotated regularly to maintain an even spread of wear across all four is because severely worn tires can greatly reduce the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Worn out tires will conform closely with the road, which is the same reason your vehicle is handles less responsively, as mentioned above, increasing the overall amount of drag that your tires create.  As such, your engine will have to create more power to move forward, burning more gas in the process. Rotating your tires can extend the amount of time before your tires actually reach this stage, saving you money at the pumps.

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